Art of Trolling


Time Delayed Troll Successful

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By DJNightmar3

We All Have Our Own Goals

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Matt, Watch Out for Antoine Dodson

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By TomDugan

This Is How You Remind Me of How Bad Music Is

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By Musicisbeautiful

Yer a Troll, Harry!

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By Unknown

Mission: Alpacalypse

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By Unknown


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By knifewounds

Because Axe Smells Like Ass

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By tiny0144

Worst Rules EVAR

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By benhd1
karens, karen memes, stupid people, cringe, cringeworthy, funny memes, memes, facebook, twitter, facepalm, covidiots, anti mask | l'd like speak manager and police like speak police manager | Temecula Beth Talk 6 mins Have ever been restaurant does not give change pay with cash? My bill 47.20 gave waitress $100. and she only gave back $53.00 called over manager which our waitress She said don't usually carry change told her give my $100.00 back and l'll pay with credit card. Eighty cents would

20+ Sassy Memes That Roast Clueless Karens

No you may not speak to the manager
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I Do Love Dark Chocolate

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By Eric

May Nobody Take Your Granite

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By ctemps7

You Send Some Nasty Messages

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By TheEvilDookie
customer service We Hope That Helps

"We Hope That Helps" is the Customer Service That Facebook Pages Need

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Takes a Rib to Know a Rack of Ribs

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By fedorahead


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By Unknown