Art of Trolling


The 1337est Hacking, I'm Sure

burn facebook funny status - 5186596352
By Nobama

It Was Too Tight

facebook guitar pedobear that sounds naughty - 5862370304
By Tedrupi

What a 1337 Haxzor!

definition facebook hacked - 6628782080
By Unknown

Photoshopping My Friend's Photos

facebook friends photoshop - 4627496960

Dora's more intense than you think...

TV facebook dora the explorer children - 6926739456
By spicymchaggis013

I'm Glad Your Parents Never Gave You Up

awesome birthday facebook rickroll - 5181938176
By yohicitumadre

I Wished for You to Live a Long and Happy Life

facebook wish - 6330770176

Cool Story, Dead Bro

facebook story - 5931425536
By CatcherInTheRye

No One Reads Anymore

facebook illegal - 6335320320
By Unknown

Vacation is Awesome!

snapchat facebook vacation - 8296114176

Stop Taunting Me Aliens!

Aliens facebook speed - 6150573056
By Unknown

The Finest Macaroni and Cheese

cooking facebook kraft macaroni & cheese - 6435268352
By cman_1146

That Fever Is Making You Delusional

bieber fever facebook fever justin bieber - 4369572608
By Unknown


dominos pizza dominos facebook burn - 8286594304

Glenn and I

wrong number text messages facebook sms - 6785405184
By GFred


comment facebook meta passive aggressive - 5317421824
By Brandola
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