Art of Trolling


Nah, You Were Right


Let's Start With You

grammar facebook - 8391994880

That's a Nice Bike You Got There

bike facebook for sale lost and found - 6565014528
Created by Elias15

What a 1337 Haxzor!

definition facebook hacked - 6628782080

Better Cheap Than a Liar

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Created by Martynb

I've Got a Solution for You!

facebook space - 6397977088
Created by 560768

Going somewhere?

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Created by cmastris

Ugh That Is So Rude!

facebook girls google - 5421847296
Created by JayLikesRealCoffee

I'm Still Having Fun With This

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Created by Taya990

You Asked for It

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People Are Either Really in on This Joke or Totally Ignorant

facepalm facebook prayer failbook - 8193641984
Via Wilhelm_Heinrich

What a Shame

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Math Just Got Real!

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Life lessons by Disney

facebook movies parenting - 6487486208
Created by brokencondomchild

War on Chips

drugs facebook politics - 6743749888
Created by Unknown

It's a What!?

facebook toilet - 6991150592
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