Art of Trolling


They'll Get You Every Time!

security facebook Grandpa money - 6941604864
By Unknown

Just Clowning Around on Facebook

clown facebook privacy - 6610523904
By JackAC

There's a Shortage All Around

facebook men women - 5719090944
By Ftballa78

Can't Tell if Pedobear or Just Angry

facebook kids neighbors pr0ntimes - 6401489152
By Brittany

IGNORE! How do you Like That?

image tweet facebook IGNORE! How do you Like That?
Via memewhore

Forever Young

age dudes facebook sexy times - 6155184384
By Unknown

I Would Like to Apply Them to My Floor

application facebook pants that sounds naughty - 5357265152
By Shado85

Mark's Friends Are Hateful

facebook grandma lemon party shock sites - 5394046720
By Bendyrulz

You Can't Make This Stuff Up

star wars pope facebook Star Trek - 7091742976
By Unknown

That'll Teach You to Steal My Name!

like stealing facebook name - 6964276480
Via Pleated Jeans

Gold Account Upgrade

facebook gold account win - 5242725120
By Brothers_cody

Who Knew She Was So Talented?

facebook ninja wtf - 5244978176
By miomega

That's no taco o.o

taco bell tacos facebook - 7833473792
By DaedricSheep

It Is Pretty Bad

your meme is bad facebook weed - 6677563136
By sgtcat09
twitter burns

20 of the Sickest Burns of All Time

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Is That a Lightsaber in Your Underpants?

Awkward facebook p3n0r that looks naughty - 6032938752
By rachet5396
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