Art of Trolling


"Sorry Bro, I Had To..."

facebook school seagulls Statistics tests - 8135291904

Facebook Troll

facebook - 7029986048
Created by AndrewCoxDb5

Is He a Pitcher or a Catcher?

facebook gay wtf - 5719308032
Created by ScotGauchero

You're Very Welcome

facebook steve steve jobs - 5282658048
Created by Scumbag Steven Maske

Lunch for a Month

boss facebook lunch - 5364184320
Created by nuclearbastard

"Thug Aim" Is Pretty Hard as Well

best of week facebook - 5141351168
Created by nuclearbastard

Don't Worry, I'll Keep My Distance

creeper facebook - 6216361472
Created by joshmcbrom

Some people leave themselves open to attack.

facebook idiots - 7740689664
Created by abbytighe

What Kind of a Girlfriend Leaves at a Time Like That?

boyfriend facebook likes - 4977498368
Created by Zexxify

You Have Failed

respect failed facebook - 6954748416

Way More Fashionable Than a Suit

facebook slenderman - 6536238080
Created by omnomnomabomb

That Guy is an Hero!

an hero facebook hitler statue - 6080618496

Mark's Friends Are Hateful

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Created by Bendyrulz

Troll Paradise

comments editing facebook news - 6370824960

Stab Your Eyes Out

crush facebook - 4951577088
Created by dizzylc

Titanic Introduced Me to This Hot New Singer Celine Dion

facebook idiots titanic wtf - 6154875136
Created by Unknown
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