Art of Trolling


It's time to get some exercise. Stretch those legs, get yourself going today, don't let yourself become one with the couch. Enjoy some of these hilarious high-tempo puns and jokes that will have you gasping for breath.

The Doctor's Office Understands

weight loss diet fitness exercise doctors - 8292713472

First and Last Day

weight loss diet fitness exercise brownies - 7364474112
By Meqad

So Much for That New Year's Resolution

gym apps exercise iphone failbook g rated - 8426097152
Via jreenfin

Roofies Won't Get Your Heart Rate Up

exercise jogging - 4970498560
By Unknown

Thanks for the Motivation!

bicycles exercise - 8543107328
By anselmbe

Just Give Me the Trophy Right Now

fitness exercise muscles workouts - 8384834816

At Least Flail Around a Bit

calories exercise sexytimes Yahoo Answer Fails - 5218288896
By Fatwalrus

Work Out Those Cheek Muscles!

fitness exercise - 8015395328
By Unknown

Classic: You Deserve a Drink!

exercise IRL troll science - 6279218176
By GalderGollum

They Should Get These in America

exercise stairs - 7978442752
By Unknown

Take What You Can Get

advertising fitness exercise ugly - 8125956608

I'll Take a Keg Over a Six-Pack Any Day!

six pack fitness exercise - 7846033408
By Unknown

Running Apps Can Be Really Passive-Aggressive Sometimes


Fitness for the Lazy

fitness exercise walking - 8299940864

Disregard Everything, Acquire Scarves

gym workout exercise - 7861995008
By Unknown
gym workout fitness exercise trolltube Video - 66055937

Invading People's Space at the Gym

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