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So, There's a Donald Trump Romance Novel Out and You Should Definitely be Reading It

donald trump kindle romance novel
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People are trolling Donald Trump by photoshopping robo-Trump into pictures of the White House, and the resulting memes are hilarious.

Photoshop Master Puts Robo-Trump In Tons Of Random Pics And Results Are Comedy Gold

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You Have to Practice Before Going for Gold

trump tower photoshop michael phelps You Have to Practice Before Going for Gold
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donald trump Hillary Clinton Video saturday night live politics - 83097089

SNL Didn't Have to Change Much to Parody the Most Recent Presidential Debate

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Oh My God, It WORKS!

twitter donald trump image - 8819177984
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Notice Me Trump-san

donald trump blocking anime babes on twitter
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Time for Some Mature Humor

twitter donald trump - 8545824512
By rodelthegreat
christmas elections donald trump parody Hillary Clinton Video politics - 315655

American Politics Has Just Been Encapsulated in This Edited Christmas Advertisement

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news donald trump funny Video politics - 77080065

Get Your Sh*t Together Corona, California

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donald trump Vladimir Putin Video politics - 76924417

Trump + Putin 2016 is the Presidential Team We Don't Need

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Aw, He's Just Monkeying Around

image gorilla donald trump Aw, He's Just Monkeying Around
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Funny Donald Trump photoshop battle regarding his water drinking.

Donald Trump's Awkward Water Moment Has Inspired A Hilarious Photoshop Battle

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donald trump parody Video - 81993729

Some People Say Sassy Trump is Best Trump

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If I Give You Five Dollars, Will You Promise Not to Vote Uninformed?

funny memes dollar or voting trump

You Can Tell She Means It Too

england donald trump image You Can Tell She Means It Too
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"Let's See if We Can Pry That Thing Off of There"

donald trump - 7649762560
By Unknown
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