Art of Trolling


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This is What Happens to Dads Who Read Their Kids' Mail

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Touché, Dad...

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Frickin' Dads, Man...

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You Passed the Test!

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The Jury's Still Out on That Last One

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Look at Me, Son! I'm "Big Pimping" Just Like You!

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Dad Humor

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Stranger Danger!

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You Just Don't Know Fashion!


"What Can I Say? It's a Gift!"

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It's a Foregone Conclusion That Dads Will Try to Embarass You Whenever They Can

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Just Ca-Noodling Around

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By anselmbe

The Perfect Response to Your Daughter Getting a Piercing

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What Happens When Your Dad Learns About Texting Acronyms

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These Dads Have Taken Upon Themselves to Make Photobombing an Art, and It's Glorious

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