Art of Trolling


It's a Foregone Conclusion That Dads Will Try to Embarass You Whenever They Can

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This is What Happens to Dads Who Read Their Kids' Mail

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You Just Don't Know Fashion!


Why You Little...

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Dad Pls...

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Um... So What Do You Think Goes on Here?

signs dads image Um... So What Do You Think Goes on Here?
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These Dads Have Taken Upon Themselves to Make Photobombing an Art, and It's Glorious

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Frickin' Dads, Man...

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This Dad Teaches His Son the Number One Rule in Life

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Not Gonna Happen

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Stranger Danger!

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"Hey Boy... Pleased to Meetcha..."


Touché, Dad...

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Dad, Stahp!

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I'm Sure You'll Leave a Great Impression With Your Clients!

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This Guy Became Everyone's Dad at a Music Festival and They Just Went Along With It

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