Art of Trolling



adult entertainment black craigslist jail racism - 4396450304
Created by SpacemanSpliff

I've Seen Enough Pedobear to Know Where This is Going

craigslist magic pedobear shoppers beware van - 6356087552
Created by Unknown

U So Hot

breasts craigslist hot mirror - 4334065152
Created by Unknown
craigslist trolltube vitalyzd Video - 70677505

These Guys Think They Were Going to Get Lucky Through Craigslist...

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craigslist hairy Hall of Fame lesbian - 3353082880
Created by Unknown

But I Make Perfect Toast!

craigslist roommates shoppers beware toasters - 6480520192
Created by FAC3M3LT3R ( Via )

Become the iron man

craigslist shoppers beware wtf - 6184492032
Created by stuckfix ( Via Craigslist )

Man's Best Friend Has Nothing on the World's Most Influential Artist, or Whatever He's Calling Himself

craigslist troll selling dog for kanye
Via Craigslist

Just Get It Away From Me

Craigslist potential troll that just wants to get rid of his $700 POS Ford Escape.
Created by Unknown
trolling and stringing a nigerian scammer along

Things Got Real Out of Hand When This Person Trolled a Nigerian Scammer For a Very Long Time

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I See What You Did There...


Sometimes It's Just Not Worth It

snowed in prius for sale craigslist
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What a Deal!

craigslist free - 7041504512
Created by Unknown
craigslist texting funny win - 1081605

Guy Teaches Us All How to Outspam the next Spammer That Dares Cross Our Path

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I See What You Did There...

craigslist thesaurus - 8339912192

This Air Guitar Is the Best Thing for Sale on Craigslist

Image of a troll that posted a Craigslist ad for an air guitar to sell for $799 - Basically just an empty old guitar case.
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