Art of Trolling


Sayonara, Sucker!

craigslist bicycles - 7763910400
Created by Unknown

Just Get It Away From Me

Craigslist potential troll that just wants to get rid of his $700 POS Ford Escape.
Created by Unknown

U So Hot

breasts craigslist hot mirror - 4334065152
Created by Unknown
trolling and stringing a nigerian scammer along

Things Got Real Out of Hand When This Person Trolled a Nigerian Scammer For a Very Long Time

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Still Full of Pep!

craigslist mouse shoppers beware - 6106737664
Created by XfluffykerzX

Sometimes It's Just Not Worth It

snowed in prius for sale craigslist
Via craigslist

Free Garbage

craigslist shoppers beware garbage free - 6758032384
Created by -PYRO-


adult entertainment black craigslist jail racism - 4396450304
Created by SpacemanSpliff

This Motorcycle Sales Pitch Is Very... Descriptive

craigslist motorcycle This Motorcycle Sales Pitch Is Very... Descriptive
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Someone Took a Hot Dump on This Fella's Tesla, and He Needs Your Help Finding the Culprit

craigslist ad man seeking prankster who pooped on his tesla
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The Best Dog Walker Money Can Buy

craigslist seattle - 8759632640
Created by Unknown

You Have to Arrange Transportation Though

craigslist Hawaii lava - 8415412480

Just Pop Another Hundred Bucks Into It and It'll Be Finished

craigslist - 8243948544

I've Seen Enough Pedobear to Know Where This is Going

craigslist magic pedobear shoppers beware van - 6356087552
Created by Unknown

Who Done It?

Via spacemiles
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