Art of Trolling


Still Full of Pep!

craigslist mouse shoppers beware - 6106737664
Created by XfluffykerzX

The Saddest Crutches

cigarettes craigslist wikipedia - 5469235712

Rick, You've Really Let Me Down This Time

baby craigslist lost parenting rick roll - 6400310016
Created by MyAshtrayHeart

Don't Post an Ad for Go-Kart Repair on Craigslist Unless You're Willing to Deal With Some Trolls

craigslist Mario Kart - 8180111616

Man's Best Friend Has Nothing on the World's Most Influential Artist, or Whatever He's Calling Himself

craigslist troll selling dog for kanye
Via Craigslist

U So Hot

breasts craigslist hot mirror - 4334065152
craigslist texting funny win - 1081605

Guy Teaches Us All How to Outspam the next Spammer That Dares Cross Our Path

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Guy Beautifully Trolls Craigslist Ingrate Looking to Buy an Xbox One

Via CoryScott93

Just Pop Another Hundred Bucks Into It and It'll Be Finished

craigslist - 8243948544

I'm Usually so Good at This Game

craigslist jabba the hutt shoppers beware - 6046975744
Created by feli20081
craigslist trolltube vitalyzd Video - 70677505

These Guys Think They Were Going to Get Lucky Through Craigslist...

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The Best Dog Walker Money Can Buy

craigslist seattle - 8759632640

Someone Took a Hot Dump on This Fella's Tesla, and He Needs Your Help Finding the Culprit

craigslist ad man seeking prankster who pooped on his tesla
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What do You Smoke?

cigarettes craigslist dead kid trolling wtf - 6180130304

I Like the Kind of Games You Play

craigslist fart Memes missed connections shoppers beware - 6393942272

Looking for a Unique Pet?

craigslist fly for sale - 8604720640
Via craigslist
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