Art of Trolling


Not Impossible, Just Annoying

answers computer UK - 5579782400

So My Teacher Let Me Use His Computer

teacher troll computer - 6673136640
Created by p00mstachi0

I Am Victorious

computer iphone mirror Reframe trolling - 4654086656
Created by Martinthg

Why Women Can't Have Nice Things

computer system 32 Yahoo Answer Fails - 5513687040
Created by ProudN00B

That Means I Get Drums, Bass, and Keyboard Too

computer facebook guitar Music - 6490001664
Created by killerpac

What if they dunk it in the toilet?

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IRL Troll: Lava Potholes

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Dolan Uses Wandows

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Don't Worry, It Just Turns Your Cursor Into a Bat

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Created by roryb11

Classic: I'll Be Right With You

computer customer service IRL - 6006363648
Created by el.carl2


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Created by Noswellicus

Delete System 32

Omegle computer system 32 - 6980800768
Created by GB4444

Don't Make the Trolls Wait!

computer hotel IRL - 4961296640
Created by IrishThunder87


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Created by seregon

Not Trolling, Just Kindness

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Getting Off Is Real Work

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