Art of Trolling


How Did It Know...

computer images link zelda - 4601712640
By Unknown

IRL Troll: Watermark

computer IRL monitor watermark - 4273190656
By Unknown

Classic Keyboard Troll

computer u mad bro keyboard - 6964381184
By Leigh_of_kent

There's an Expansion Slot Around Here Somewhere

computer Omegle sexytimes spymode - 5880049408
By irishbroncofan

Don't Make the Trolls Wait!

computer hotel IRL - 4961296640
By IrishThunder87

Y, It Could Have Been Worse, U No

computer IRL Y U No Guy - 4540662528
By Unknown

Riddle Me This

computer falling riddle win Yahoo Answer Fails - 4269383424
By Unknown


computer iphone jailbreak link Yahoo Answer Fails - 4038068480
By Unknown

Classic: He's Climbing in Your Windows

computer pedobear shoppers beware - 6235443456
By Unknown

Take Your Kids to Work Day Is the Worst

fired job kids work computer - 6935138816
By Unknown

Not Impossible, Just Annoying

answers computer UK - 5579782400
By Unknown

IRL Troll: Lava Potholes

computer IRL lava volcano win - 4601484288
By Unknown

I Told You Not to Bother Me on the Computer!

computer mother spanking - 4055614464
By Unknown

Why Women Can't Have Nice Things

computer system 32 Yahoo Answer Fails - 5513687040
By ProudN00B

Breaking News: STDs Now Transmittable Through Fapping

computer humans virus - 4760016128
By jerretsmannequin

Delete System 32 Too

all the things computer tech support Yahoo Answer Fails - 5097367552
By Alaude
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