Art of Trolling


Videobombing Like a King

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By Unknown

Everyone Knows That

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Via Buzz Feed

Jeopardy! Pokes Fun at the Badness of the Houston Astros

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Via @Cody_Love

Ayy Lmao


Just Have to Work on That Pesky American League

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By WWDHD_ (Via Deadspin)

"Yeah, Mike Should Have the Corporate Account Figures Finalized by Monday..."

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By Unknown

Todd Helton: Sneaky, Sneaky!

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By Unknown
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Chase Field Audio Guy Accidentally Plays Really Loud Sound Clip Right as the Pitcher is Throwing the Ball

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I Think You Might Have the Wrong Sport...

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Always Have an Accomplice

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By Unknown

Trolling Your Teammate

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‎( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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Here's How to Sneak Into Any Baseball Game You Want for Free

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A True Canadian Badass


Adrian Beltre No Happy

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By Unknown

White Sox Fans Are Mad Classy