Art of Trolling


Don't be a baby, unless your mine. Then it's a different story. These juvenile posts will have you gooing and gaaing all day long.

I Feel Someone's Watching Me...

baby creepy doll - 6972490240
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baby halloween prank - 75334401

Abandoning This Baby is Probably the Right Course of Action

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Baby's Plaything

baby fear pedobear toys - 4567964160
By Unknown

Yahoo Answers Question: Why Is Baby Smiling In His Sleep?

Yahoo Answers crude answer to a nice question.
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baby oil Omegle - 3301223680
By Unknown

Kiddo's Got Rage

baby bite Yahoo Answer Fails zombie - 5693767936
By yahooanswered

Mary, Is That You?

baby FAIL IRL pr0n - 4790747392
By caitlina

For Easy Disposal

baby changing hanging IRL - 4877640704
By ritz1999

Aww, I Missed the Baby Shower!

baby Death facebook whining - 6146132736
By Unknown


baby csi gay justin bieber - 3997398272
By realmenkillmenthatsparkle

Patrick's Wife Sends Her Regards

marriage baby wife dating - 8968662784
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In the Right Key, No Less

baby justin bieber lyrics - 5233853696
By Unknown

Can't Wait to Meet Her!

Awkward baby facebook pedobear - 5184253184
By DigitalBanana
baby youtube peeing pranks funny - 50837761

Epic Peeing Baby Prank

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Anybody? No?

Omegle baby dad pregnant Father - 4261756672
By 427sir

You're Just Going to Use it to Buy Formula

baby cute homeless IRL - 4950027776
By Unknown