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This is the Most Australian Prank Ever: Three Guys Prank Their Friend Using a Fake Crocodile Head

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I See What You Did There...

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Aussie Rockets

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This Australian Morning News Host Has a Hilarious, Innuendo-Filled Blunder Live

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No, The Ground Shoots Up Water

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When You Live in Australia, You've Got to Tase Yourself to Pass the Time

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Is This Aussie the Best Bloke in the World For Being Ready and Willing to Be a Job Reference For a Stranger?

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Nothing, Nothing, and More Nothing

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It's a Drive-By FHRITP!

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A Fate Worse Than Peas



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Created by fedorahead
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Listen to Two Aussies Lose It During a Double Prank Call

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In That Case, I'm Never Visiting

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Ye Olde Sick Burn

australia sick burn george reid - 8182334720
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