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This Australian Morning News Host Has a Hilarious, Innuendo-Filled Blunder Live

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How Did They Treat Burns Back in the Day?

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This is the Most Australian Prank Ever: Three Guys Prank Their Friend Using a Fake Crocodile Head

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She Came Naturally Equipped With Those Skills

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Meanwhile, in Australia

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These Australian Construction Workers Yell Out an Entirely Unexpected Selection of Catcalls

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Listen to Two Aussies Lose It During a Double Prank Call

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Dear Human...

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Good Guess Though

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Australian Problems

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Now This is the Snapchat All About How My Life Got Flipped, Turned Upside Down


Ye Olde Sick Burn

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This Australian Tourism Campaign Wants to 'C U in the NT'

Australia tourism innuendo This Australian Tourism Campaign Wants to 'C U in the NT'
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You'll Get Some Advance Notice

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Nothing, Nothing, and More Nothing

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