Art of Trolling


wtf ads sunscreen Video - 81252609

What is This Ad With a Sunscreen Pooping Seagull Drone?

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These Ridiculous Classified Ads Will Give You a Giggle

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Anee ob U Guis Need a Lowyer?

buses ads Lawyers advertisements derp - 8074565376
Created by Unknown

Ad Placement Troll

ads apple money - 4246143744
Created by damastermon

Re-Trolled: Yo Dawg, I Heard You Were Afraid of Ducks

ads duck phobia scary - 5244142080
Created by emericasith213

Oh! Okay!

cologne ads - 8336232448

Lucky Suckers!

ads fake jerks trolling wtf - 6029441792
Created by Slim Susie

Where to Find Trolls

ads Pokémon trolls what is this - 4387253248
Created by TheCheeseStandsAlone

Everyone Should Fear Her

fear doctors ads Everyone Should Fear Her
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trolling ads Video earth - 79659265

Celebrate Earth Day With This Special Video

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lottery honest trailers ads Video - 84243969

This Honest Lottery Ad Won't Make You Feel Very Lucky

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They Aren't Kidding

ads image - 8985997312
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When Companies Stop Giving a Damn

advertising ads Samsung - 8047062784
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It Seems Like This Ad is Trying to Say Something

image ads signs It Seems Like This Ad is Trying to Say Something
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