Art of Trolling


christmas ads Video - 76339201

Troll Grandpa Gets His Family Together in the Cleverest, Cruelest Way Possible in This Viral Ad

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Everyone Should Fear Her

fear doctors ads Everyone Should Fear Her
Via jaredpaddleicky-blog

Downright Offensive.

pregnancy ads pregnant - 6609072128
Created by nombookworm

Ad Block

troll on Youtube makes bad advice on blocking ads and giving thumbs up instead
Created by valdred ( Via Cheezburger )

Bowling Ads: Nailed It (Figuratively Speaking)

innuendo ads - 8125740032
lottery honest trailers ads Video - 84243969

This Honest Lottery Ad Won't Make You Feel Very Lucky

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trolltube ads Wait For It Video - 67925761

This Doritos Ad is One That Doritos Definitely Doesn't Want You to See

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d*ck's big deals.

ads shoppers beware that sounds naughty - 6509909248
Created by Spaghetti_ninja

Where to Find Trolls

ads Pokémon trolls what is this - 4387253248
Created by TheCheeseStandsAlone

Advertising at Its Falsest

ads advertisements - 8105050624
Created by Unknown

Anee ob U Guis Need a Lowyer?


Re-Trolled: Yo Dawg, I Heard You Were Afraid of Ducks

ads duck phobia scary - 5244142080
Created by emericasith213
list classified ads trolling ads - 686597

These Ridiculous Classified Ads Will Give You a Giggle

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No Thanks...

ads flying - 8124023552

Oh! Okay!

cologne ads - 8336232448

Bye, Kids!

ads phrasing - 8403556352
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