Art of Trolling


Lucky Suckers!

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By Slim Susie
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This Doritos Ad is One That Doritos Definitely Doesn't Want You to See

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When Companies Stop Giving a Damn

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By Unknown

Not That I'm Bragging

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By Deb
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This Political Commercial Wants Trump To "Release the Measurements" of His Tiny Hands

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Celebrate Earth Day With This Special Video

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Re-Trolled: Yo Dawg, I Heard You Were Afraid of Ducks

ads duck phobia scary - 5244142080
By emericasith213

American Advertising

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By Unknown
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This Honest Lottery Ad Won't Make You Feel Very Lucky

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d*ck's big deals.

ads shoppers beware that sounds naughty - 6509909248
By Spaghetti_ninja

Am I Not Eligible?

ads facebook facebook gold gullible - 5253490432
By catherine_brister

Advertising at Its Cleverest

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By Unknown

Anee ob U Guis Need a Lowyer?

ads photoshop Video pranks - 857861

Watch These Amazing Fake Local Commercials, You'll Thank Us Later

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This Kind of Advertising Speaks to Me

image ads real estate This Kind of Advertising Speaks to Me
Via daaanish

This Year Why Not Try to Shake Up Your Family's Thanksgiving with Someone From a CraigsList Ad

Shake Up Your Family's Thanksgiving with Someone From a CraigsList Ad
Via ihavealteredmyusernameagainprayidontalteritanyfurther
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