Is This Woman a Slapstick Comedy Genius or the Queen of Bringing Real Pranks Back to the Internet?

Paige Ginn loves to get a good reaction out of strangers. Ginn's falls are all real, and she has the scraps and bruises to prove it.

Is she a slapstick comedy genius like Chevy Chase? Or is she just bringing real pranks (looking at you 'Social Experiments' and paid actor pranks) back to the internet?

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Prank of The Day: Guy Thinks he is Texting Gorgeous Babe, Ends up Being His Dastardly Friend
Via LADBible
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An Irish dude named Ollie was able to trick his friend into texting a girl named "Rachel" for nearly two days, even setting up plans to "Netflix and Chill."

His bud had met Rachel on Halloween night and went home with her. But she never texted back.

She had finally reached out, he thought. WRONG.

It was just Ollie.

Aren't friends just great?