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Children Are Our Future!

children education FAIL Yahoo Answer Fails - 4873531904
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Man takes a nuclear revenge on a Karen landlord | r/ProRevenge Join u/hasad802 Refuse pay $60 fix my roof; okay close building site down and cost hundreds thousands dollars! Names, places and timeframes have been changed as per rules. Characters this story: My friend (Who will call Brian Bullying demolition man will call Keith, greedy property developer will call Karen and insurance assessor

Man Takes Nuclear Revenge On Karen Landlord

Karen had it coming.
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Well It Has Been Now

credit card FAIL security shoppers beware stolen - 4990987008
Created by Unknown
A smug roommate refuses to pay their rent, so they get defeated in court | r/ProRevenge u/Drumhedd 173d Join 1 won't pay rent? Good luck finding new apartment. So this happened about 10 years ago big city on West Coast Hopefully this counts as pro revenge had just finished grad school and looking way cut down on rent an already expensive rental market. Now, mind young, desperate, and inexperienced with roommates at time and this huge life lesson and hopefully my roommate too.

Roommate Refuses To Pay Rent, Gets Schooled In Court

That's the end of the smug smirks.
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Karen goes through a series of angry mental gymnastics over a parking space.

Karen Goes Through Angry Mental Gymnastics Over Parking Space

Boss move, indeed.
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Pedo Ursidae, Perhaps?

FAIL pedobear - 4865033472
Created by Noah Powers

Anime Fail

anime FAIL Pokémon - 3980943616
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The Perfect End to a Stupid Prank

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Girlfriend gets fed up with boyfriend's incessant gaming | AITA telling my BF if he doesnt go work, hes no longer using ANYTHING mine (including my car AND wifi Not hole 28f/29m been together like 4 years think love this guy death but say he is lazy is seriously huge fucking understatement and doesnt even shed an ounce light on actual problem. Hes also gaming junkie-like worst their kind example game is being released, he waits up until midnight purchase game (no matter expensive) and will binge

Girlfriend Gets Fed Up With Boyfriend's Gaming, Cuts Him Off

Homeboy's gotta get a job.
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Spelling Troll: The Best Kind

FAIL IRL sign spelling - 4706832896
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Always Open for Business

signs mcdonalds fail Always Open for Business
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At Least They Got the Season Right

christmas FAIL - 5555954432
Created by innocentcriminal

It Just Wasn't Her Day

FAIL fall google google maps trip - 5680838400
FAIL soccer fish funny Video - 141062

Massive Inflatable Fish Attacks Guy During Half-Time Show, To The Tune of 'Eat It'

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This is the Greatest Note of All Time to Leave For Someone Who Sucks at Parking

funny fail image horrible parking resulted in getting the ultimate bad parking note
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I Don't See Anything

cameras FAIL IRL security - 4917721856
Created by Unknown
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