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Is the Driver's Name Jesus?

FAIL driving religion - 8753828864
By Babybacon

Bizarre Billboard Prank Ends Up Being Jet Rocket Nightmare Fuel

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Locals Are Concerned About a Certain Shape in the Design of Their New Skate Park

skateboarding design fail Locals Are Concerned About a Certain Shape in the Design of Their New Skate Park
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And If That Doesn't Work You Can Always Bank On Clapping Three Times, While Spinnin' Round In Circles Till You Eat Earth

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Walmart employees describe the strangest things they've witnessed while on the job | gigashadow89 6y My favorite guy who came and said lost remote so need new tv asked him if tv broken wasn't, he just lost remote and didn't want bother finding so he wanted new tv showed him our selection universal remotes he responded with "but then l'd have program new tv comes with preprogrammed remote So sold guy 50 inch tv.

Weirdest Things Walmart Employees Witnessed

Walmart is a magnet for the strange.
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sports teams logo parodies

Other Sports Teams Are Seizing the Chance to Further Roast the San Diego Chargers New Logo on Twitter

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Apartment Avalanche

yikes FAIL gifs snow - 8459209472
FAIL fireworks dangerous Video - 80899585

Intoxicated "Pranksters" Lit a Fireworks Display Inside a Wal-Mart Store

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art FAIL photoshop celeb image - 798981

You Can Barely Tell the Difference Between This Fan Art and the Real Celebrity Photo

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Are You a Remora?

facebook FAIL fish spelling - 5098591232
By Mulecc
costume wtf FAIL list halloween - 1069061

Check out These "Great" Costume Ideas for Halloween

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This is the Greatest Note of All Time to Leave For Someone Who Sucks at Parking

funny fail image horrible parking resulted in getting the ultimate bad parking note
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Dad Would Not Be Disappoint

asian FAIL IRL success - 4917764096
By Unknown
FAIL trolling Video - 75394049

This is Probably Not the Right Time or Place for a "Sniper in the Hood" Prank

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FAIL trolling texting - 1410309

Couple Finds a Romantic Note Under the Windshield Wiper of Their Car and Decides to Have a Little Fun With It

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Funny food fails, funny tweets, twitter thread, restaurants, food orders, facepalm, cringe | lilyanna @lilyannatrnr my bf told me when he was 17 he worked in a posh hotel and at breakfast some bloke asked him "is this creme fraiche?" and he replied "yeah we don't serve out of date food" and I can't stop thinking about it | skinnylegend m8 wbu? Replying to @lilyannatrnr My mate worked in a wine bar for a bit an a customer asked her for "a Chilean red wine" an she went to mix the house red with

25 Food Order Fails Packed With Facepalm

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