Art of Trolling


Take That, Dad

what a twist 4chan - 7892404736
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4chan Portal the cake is a lie Yahoo Answer Fails - 4558172416
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The Sickest of Sick Burns, Bro

sick burn 4chan burn - 8180027392

Well... I... Umm... You're Not Wrong, I Suppose...

4chan First World Problems - 7946703872
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Rachel is the Hero We All Deserve

sick burn 4chan burn - 8038679552
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4chan Users Buy the Domain Names "" and "," Turn Them Into Hilarious Anti-EA Beacons

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I a Whole Question

4chan dangerous what Yahoo Answer Fails - 4600636672
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Epic Troll of The Day: 4Chan Turns ISIS Into Hilarious Rubber Ducky Soldiers

Epic Troll of The Day: 4Chan Turns ISIS Into Rubber Ducky Soldiers
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The Banking Industry is Broken

trolling 4chan banking - 8111500288
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4chan photoshop eiffel tower - 473605

Here's Why You Never Ask the Internet for Help... Ever

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Dat Apple


If You Refuse Me, You Likely Won't Lose Me

4chan sad frog - 8229451264

What a Twist!

4chan greentext - 7830153216
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Aaaaaaaand 4chan Shows Up to the Westboro Baptist Church Protest

Westboro Baptist Church 4chan - 8043289856
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If You Scy So

pokemon memes your favorite is scyther
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I Wanted It Centered

4chan literal photoshop - 5205818880
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