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Here's Why You Never Ask the Internet for Help... Ever

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Best Troll on 4chan

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Created by Unknown

They're Real Gentlemen

noob yahoo answers 4chan - 7067826944
Created by virtual_zombie

Are We Talking "Cucumber" Cool or "Mr. Freeze" Cool?

cool 4chan frozen - 7634572032

4chan Gets 39-Year-Old Dude to the Top of the Voting for a 'Meet Taylor Swift' Contest

taylor swift 4chan - 7670152704

Dat Apple

pizza 4chan - 282373

DiGiorno Released a New "Design a Pizza" Web App, So of Course 4chan Had to Ruin It

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Wow Scienec is Awoesme

Dank meme of trolling science that is just awesome

Time for a Sad Story

4chan greentext - 8569329408
Created by maorows

What a Twist!

4chan greentext - 7830153216

Take That, Dad

what a twist 4chan - 7892404736

I a Whole Question

4chan dangerous what Yahoo Answer Fails - 4600636672

Go Away, Mom!

anonymous Guy Fawkes gifs 4chan parenting - 7897191936

Relationships Can Be Tough

4chan relationships dating - 8162285568

Epic Troll of The Day: 4Chan Turns ISIS Into Hilarious Rubber Ducky Soldiers

Epic Troll of The Day: 4Chan Turns ISIS Into Rubber Ducky Soldiers
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What a Twist!

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