Art of Trolling


Well... I... Umm... You're Not Wrong, I Suppose...

4chan First World Problems - 7946703872

The Sickest of Sick Burns, Bro

sick burn 4chan burn - 8180027392

So Many Bodies, Man

4chan bodybuilding - 8313745920
iOS 7 Waterproof Update Hoax by 4Chan

4chan Tricks People Into Thinking iOS 7 Makes Their iPhones Waterproof

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Best Troll on 4chan

4chan adult entertainment spam - 4239740416
Created by Unknown

Classic: Multiple Angles Costs Extra

4chan Yahoo Answer Fails youtube - 5699794176
Created by sapslaj

Happy Fishing!

call of duty 4chan greentext video games - 8427456512

Dat Apple


Wow Scienec is Awoesme

Dank meme of trolling science that is just awesome

The Banking Industry is Broken

trolling 4chan banking - 8111500288
Via Got It For Cheap

Reasons to Buy an Xbox One

NSA 4chan prism fapping xbox one - 7559835136

Go Away, Mom!

anonymous Guy Fawkes gifs 4chan parenting - 7897191936

I a Whole Question

4chan dangerous what Yahoo Answer Fails - 4600636672

It's Not Okay to Waste Cheese

cheese 4chan image - 8983247616
Via 4chansbest
pizza 4chan - 282373

DiGiorno Released a New "Design a Pizza" Web App, So of Course 4chan Had to Ruin It

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4chan photoshop eiffel tower - 473605

Here's Why You Never Ask the Internet for Help... Ever

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