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4chan Users Buy the Domain Names "" and "," Turn Them Into Hilarious Anti-EA Beacons

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What a Twist!


If You Refuse Me, You Likely Won't Lose Me

4chan sad frog - 8229451264

I a Whole Question

4chan dangerous what Yahoo Answer Fails - 4600636672
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pizza 4chan - 282373

DiGiorno Released a New "Design a Pizza" Web App, So of Course 4chan Had to Ruin It

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So Many Bodies, Man

4chan bodybuilding - 8313745920

The Sickest of Sick Burns, Bro

sick burn 4chan burn - 8180027392

To the Point

4chan pooptimes questions - 6108217344
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Epic Troll of The Day: 4Chan Turns ISIS Into Hilarious Rubber Ducky Soldiers

Epic Troll of The Day: 4Chan Turns ISIS Into Rubber Ducky Soldiers
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Ugggh Memebase?!

4chan Reddit watermark - 5259843840
By wrightri
iOS 7 Waterproof Update Hoax by 4Chan

4chan Tricks People Into Thinking iOS 7 Makes Their iPhones Waterproof

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4chan photoshop eiffel tower - 473605

Here's Why You Never Ask the Internet for Help... Ever

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Next Question Please

4chan - 7052852224
By freshbru

Aaaaaaaand 4chan Shows Up to the Westboro Baptist Church Protest

Westboro Baptist Church 4chan - 8043289856
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kids 4chan minecraft Video - 68878337

4chan Raids a Kid's Minecraft Stream Making Him Go Absolutely Insane Over Views

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Classic: Multiple Angles Costs Extra

4chan Yahoo Answer Fails youtube - 5699794176
By sapslaj
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