Art of Trolling


Happy Fishing!

call of duty 4chan greentext video games - 8427456512

So Many Bodies, Man

4chan bodybuilding - 8313745920

I Wanted It Centered

4chan literal photoshop - 5205818880
Created by VitaminF
kids 4chan minecraft Video - 68878337

4chan Raids a Kid's Minecraft Stream Making Him Go Absolutely Insane Over Views

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Wow Scienec is Awoesme

Dank meme of trolling science that is just awesome

Take That, Dad

what a twist 4chan - 7892404736
Created by Unknown

Astronomy 101


Electrical Burn!

4chan france - 8212178688

Poured in the Cone: A Tale of Pranks, Douchebags, and Sweet, Sweet Justice

audi justice 4chan senior pranks high school douchebags cement - 7847703552
Created by Unknown

Are We Talking "Cucumber" Cool or "Mr. Freeze" Cool?

cool 4chan frozen - 7634572032
Created by Unknown

The Banking Industry is Broken

trolling 4chan banking - 8111500288
Via Got It For Cheap

Classic: Multiple Angles Costs Extra

4chan Yahoo Answer Fails youtube - 5699794176
Created by sapslaj

4chan Users Buy the Domain Names "" and "," Turn Them Into Hilarious Anti-EA Beacons

Via heroes159

What a Twist!

4chan greentext - 7830153216
Created by Unknown

4chan Gets 39-Year-Old Dude to the Top of the Voting for a 'Meet Taylor Swift' Contest

taylor swift 4chan - 7670152704
Created by Unknown

Next Question Please

4chan - 7052852224
Created by freshbru
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