This Will Be a Hell of a Party!

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Tumblr Thread on Patrol Ghost Ship Submarines | pipistrellus STILL ON PATROL learned something new and horrifying today which is no submarine is ever considered "lost there is apparently tradition U.S. Navy no submarine is ever lost. Those go sea and do not return are considered be "still on patrol There is monument about this along canal near here its worst thing have ever seen says "STILL ON PATROL huge letters and then goes on specify exactly many WWII submarine ghosts are STILL OUT THERE

Tumblr Thread: The Still On-Patrol Submarines

Yeah, that's wild.
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Australians Know a Lot About America

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Rub One Out for America

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Whoa, Slow Down Buddy!

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The Most 'Merican Van of All Time

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I Rep Hard

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The Open Roads of America

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funny dumb people who misunderstood jokes | If ever crash car just press this button and 'll undo accident r This is lie button makes air circle car. Idiot liar. | Cowboy Cow That's fucking horse

People Who Aggressively Didn't Get The Joke

Extra points for blind confidence.
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This Will Be a Hell of a Party!

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... Why?

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The Real Star of the Halftime Show

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Play Beer Pong Like a Champ

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Now That's a Modern Cowboy

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Celebrate the 4th So Hard You Don't Remember it

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