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The Score May Be 1-0 Portugal, but The Real Story Is Ronaldo's New Haircut!

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USA v. Ghana Recap 2-1

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Jurgen Klinsmann's Amazing Reactions

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The USA Believes!

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Looks Fine to Me

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Watch Kansas City Go Nuts as Clint Dempsey Scored His First Minute Goal Against Ghana

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Hey Portugal!

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Every Last One


Clint Dempsey Respawns on a Random Street Corner, Immediately Begins Fist Fighting Pedestrians

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These Patriotic Redditors Are Doing It Right

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It's Officially "Soccer" Now

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Jürgen Klinsmann on the American Spirit

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America is Now Best Soccer Country


Who Are You Drinking For

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Will Ferrell Has a Great Goal Face

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President Obama Saw Ayew's Wang

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