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The Score May Be 1-0 Portugal, but The Real Story Is Ronaldo's New Haircut!

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100% Agree, Bradley Looks Horrendous

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Teddy Roosevelt Spotted at the World Cup!!!

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Clint Dempsey Respawns on a Random Street Corner, Immediately Begins Fist Fighting Pedestrians

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Fond Memories of South Africa 2010

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Every Last One


Free Corner Kick!

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Hey Portugal!

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It Was an Insane First Half!

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Watch Your Back, Germany!

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The Resemblance is Striking

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Downtown Chicago is Getting Into the World Cup Spirit

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Nobody Can Beat Us When We Have Freedom on Our Side

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FIFA Has Nukes!

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A Goal Off a Ronaldo Cross Leaves the US With a Draw

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Note to Other Countries: Start Doing Things Our Way for a Change