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Taking Liberty With That Declaration

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By Ultimatenick37

The Border Fence We Really Need

Via The Onion

We All Have Our Own Names for Ourselves

Ireland countries Germany Sweden web comics - 8334919168
Via Toothpaste for Dinner

A Proud History

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Via DannyConner

The Key to Stopping Gun Violence

Via Charlotte Observer

In Two Months, No One Will Care

comics soccer world cup web comics - 8224534528
Via Doghouse Diaries

How to Summon America


Marshawn Lynch is Easily The Coolest Football Player in The Game

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Via The Draw Play

US Congressional Draft 2015

Congress sad but true politics web comics - 8490824704
By slugnutter (Via Slug Nuts)

So How Many Nuclear Weapons Are There in The World?

sad but true North Korea web comics - 8507832064
Via Scandinavia and the World

Freedom Has Arrived

murica web comics - 8002631168
By Unknown

The Most Poignant Depiction of The NFL's Conduct With The Ray Rice Incident

nfl sad but true web comics - 8319188736
Via Exavier Pope

It's a Start, At Least

funny web comics - 7852741376
Via For Lack of a Better Comic

If Men Gave Birth

men sports web comics - 8343040768
Via Bizarro Comics

The Letter Organizations


Fox News Talks With Jesus

jesus fox news sad but true web comics - 8425017600
By slugnutter (Via Slugnuts)
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