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Gilbert Gottfried Dubbing Bill Pullman's Speech From Independence Day is a Thing of Beauty

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Jordan Bleeding takes a crack at the math of distances and time of the movie 1917 and we have some questions for the screen writers.

Turns out 1917 wasn't shot in one take after all.

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This Supercut of Donald Trump Shows Why He's Gonna Make Vlogging Great Again

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annoying and unrealistic movie details that people hate

Unrealistic Movie Details That Won't Stop Being Annoying

They just never fix it.
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God Bless This Theater

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Watch the Most Epic Supercut of Movie Characters Gearing Up for Battle

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People describe the biggest plot holes that they've ever come across. | IntroGeist 22h 1 Award Incredibles happened Supervillains after Superheroes became illegal? They just disappeared no reason, No one could stop them now so they would obviously do more crime. But they're gone

Biggest Plot Holes That Haunt People

Plot holes can drive one insane.
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Enough With the Phil Robertson Talk Because the 90s Had the Best Duck Dynasty Ever

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Every Famous Action Hero Needs a Famous Gun by Their Side

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