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Seems Legit

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These Colors Don't Rise and Fluff

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Georgia Man Runs Into Burning Home to Get Beer

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He's Gonna Regret That One

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What Else Would You Wear to Go Bungee Jumping?

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This is What it Would Look Like if You Did a Backflip Over a 72-Foot Canyon

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Former Baltimore Ravens Coach Brian Billick Lays Down the Burn on Twitter

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The Founding Fathers Loved Booze

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Ice Skating? A Little Lame. Ice Skating a River Dance Routine? Totally Sweet.

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I GOT IT! I GOT IT! Well, That Just Happened...

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Why Would You Want This?

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At Last!

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What the Hell America?

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Car Flop!

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So That's Why I Have to Pee So Much

budweiser is the king of pee
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