Girl tries to scam tenant out of rent money, and ends up paying thousands | r/ProRevenge u/Infinite_Number 1d Join 1 1 1 1 Try scam out rent money? Have fun paying back six times amount, losing all friends, and getting exposed lies Obligatory "not sure if this qualifies as pro but is definitely step above petty ultimate result did give immense satisfaction see this girl try scam fail terribly, and have face financial, social, and legal consequences. tl;dr at end, since this is long one. This

Girl Tries To Blackmail Tenant, Ends Up Paying Thousands

Nice try, Wendy.
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not my job moments | Repair guy did this combat overheating punching holes in a computer | sign billboard MY BOSS SAID PUT SOMETHING UP

Unprofessional "Not My Job" Moments of Failure

Looks good enough.
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dad fires son for stealing from job | Posted by u/E11451913 1 day ago 14 10 3 15 13 AITA firing my son? Not hole Throwaway because don't want this seen on my main account get straight issue. My M43 17 year old son Adam has been trying become independent and preparing move college but struggling find job own private warehouse as side job earn living. My wife suggested hire my son work at warehous. Moving boxes, brining workers lunch, helping with cleaning kind stuff. She said is both our benefits

Dad Fires His Son for Stealing from Work

Ah, the old "my dad's the boss" mentality.
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Pay Attention!

ouch sports FAIL gifs baseball funny americana - 7777139712
Created by ToolBee
A collection of the most blatantly dishonest excuses that people have encountered.

Lazy, Shameless, And Obviously Dishonest Excuses

Nobody's buying what they're trying to sell.
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twitter sports FAIL list baseball - 667141

Game 1 of the World Series Happened Last Night and Naturally Everyone Took to the Internet

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A collection of comebacks that were too clever for their own good | They think haircuts are un-American Well very observant them because aren't American, actually The Beatles | Boomers: Why are there holes jeans rip those yourself? Gen Z: Why are there holes ozone rip those yourself? Millennials: laughing Leo Dicaprio

Clever Comebacks That Deserve Gold Stars

Plain old nailed it.
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FAIL rednecks Video - 68268289

Okay, Maybe Not...

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fox news americana FAIL irish reactions Video - 77222913

Irish People Watch The Worst of Fox News and Have the Same Reaction as Most Of Us

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product placement fail Designated Survivor

Absolutely Terrible Product Placement In TV Show

Worst timing ever.
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A collection of the dumbest things that people said in all seriousness. | AngryOrca1 There is no proof earth is round Reply

Dumbest Things People Have Said In All Seriousness

Oh, man, buckle up.
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funny fail video woman mistakenly thinks blinker is broken

Customer States Turn Signal Is Broken, It's Definitely Not

Hope he charged her.
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Vernon Davis Ran a Little Too Far

FAIL football gifs nfl san francisco 49ers - 7958207488
Created by Unknown
Bad Design, Design Fail, Funny, Cursed Images, Cringe, Facepalm, Funny | LIFT CORRECTLY illustration of a person bending down to lift something heavy | unclear markings on the floor

25 Examples Of Cursed Design & Terrible Photoshop

Design so bad, it's almost like they're trolling us
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sports FAIL hockey videos idiots - 57883137

College Goalie Gives Up Game Winning Goal Because He Was Talking to Fans

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Customer service workers describe the complaints that made them snap | flippy floppy @annikarainbow 00 Replying Keally22 Lmao red robin is worst. One time had woman complain her salad cold also had one customer tell they were "allergic ice brought them iced water and then they dumped water on floor

Complaints That Made Customer Service Workers Snap

Everyone has their breaking point.
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