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The autumn Steam sale is supposed to start this Wednesday, but apparently there's no need to panic anymore; Steam sales will no longer feature flash and daily sales, but instead just flat discounted prices for the duration of the sale. Valve sent out a message explaining the change to developers and publishers:

We'll still be highlighting your top games on the front page for 24-48 hour spans, but those products will stay at their most competitive discount, before and after being featured

It's not a major change, but it does make the sale a lot more valuable for customers, and it allows us to build sale features that recommend your product all sale long, instead of just during its front page feature.

For a brand new release, if you can't get approval for your best discount for the full length of the sale, that's OK and we can work on a plan for that game. But the vast majority of your catalog should be running its best discount for the duration of the sale.

I guess that means this isn't relevant anymore. RIP, Lord of the Sales.

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