Metabase: Like We Really Need More Bad Content

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All rights, what the heck. Thoughts? Seems like a slippery slope, but comments are a good place to vent feels.


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"One night I had a dream that I woke up in the middle of the night and talked to Batman. He asked me if I saw a rampaging purple banana. I said yes and he called me a dumbass, flipped me off and left in Santa Clause's sleigh with the naked butler instead of a reindeer :/"

Mods left that user comment in there for posterity.

Meme Madness: Users' Choice

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Mods were recently swept up in the Oscars fever and decided some sort of contest was in order. (Okay, not really, we're just trying to be relevant.) So we're going to have a Meme-based Bracketball Tournament in honor of Sports!

We've divided the meme-types into four regions, in a very particular order:

Advice Animals "Classics" Rage Faces Forced Memes

So now we're looking for YOUR input for each of the categories! We'll have a more official poll tomorrow for the user's choice segment of each category, based on the comments on THIS post! Wowee! So much input, so many hamboigahs!

Let us know what you want to see! And prepare for a month-long, exhaustive meme-to-meme battle of the sexes jokes.