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As we all know, Twin Peaks, David Lynch’s surreal soap opera, will be making its return next year, and we’re all holding out hope that it’ll be good.

The show, which peaked in popularity during its first season but steadily declined into some of the worst television ever midway through its second, following David Lynch’s departure, will be getting a reboot thanks to Showtime and unwavering fan devotion.

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Of course, this isn’t the first Twin Peaks revival. The show’s movie prequel, Fire Walk With Me, saw the director going full Lynch and was infamously booed at Cannes in 1992. However, this has not quelled fan desire for more.

The director has been cagey about details regarding the series, and that continues with a new teaser, which is just a few seconds director eating a donut. That should get excitement brewing for sure. Regardless of what this new series ends up being, though, at least we’re getting 10 hours of David Lynch directing moving images. Worth it.

@TwinPeaksArchve @YouTube I hate trailers that show you too much...

— Iain Martin (@theIainMartin) December 19, 2016

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The world’s a scary place, but when Slender Man is involved, it gets even scarier.

Exploring the sorted history of the Internet folktale Slenderman, HBO’s new documentary Beware the Slenderman details the real-life, horrific consequences of Internet myth-making. The trailer gets into the spread of Slenderman and how a meme can lead to violent crimes committed by children.

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Part Making a Murderer, part The Nightmare, Beware the Slenderman looks like it’ll be the scariest documentary of the year.