Store owner fights off sword thieves with his own bigger sword.
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The large sword is mightier than the small sword.

Two young wannabe crooks learned that the hard way Aug. 15 as they tried to rob a convenient store with a sword, only to find a much the store owner's much bigger sword in their face.

Local news channel WPXI told the story.

Two juvenile boys ran into Perry Market on Perrysville Avenue shortly before 10 p.m., one of whom went behind the counter and demanded money, police said.

"He was like, 'Stay away. Give me money. Give me money,'" M.C. Hydare, the brother of the cashier, told Channel 11.

The other juvenile was stopped and held by a customer.

Investigators said that the juvenile who went behind the counter brandished a large silver knife that was more than one foot long. That's when the cashier pulled out the sword to defend himself and chase off the juveniles.

Here's the surveillance footage that shows the altercation:

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A video was recently released of a man on a Seattle metro bus fighting back against a gunman who was robbing everyone of their cell phones. Immersed in his own phone, it wasn't until the gunman flashed the weapon in his face that he jumped into action, taking the gun from his hands and tackling him to the floor.

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