Possibly the Worst Way to Breakup With Someone

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If you're going to break up with someone it's probably best you don't do it in a text. And if you do send a text it's probably best if you don't send a list of every possible thing that you found wrong in the relationship. Life lessons people, we're handing them out like hotcakes.

However I totally get the why she was being rude to your cat...That's a deal breaker, ladies.

This guy knows what I'm talking about:

A Woman's Guide to Cheating

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They call it "honest deception." It's kind of like reddish green or true fiction.

Girlfriends Never Know What They Want to Eat

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"What do you want to eat, babe?"

"Mmm... I dunno! You pick!"

"How about Chinese?"


"Okay, what about Mexican?"





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