Cheapskates of the Day: Car Dealership Gets in Fight With Pizza Guy Over $7 Tip

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A pizza guy was forced to give back his $7 tip to a Massachusetts car dealership, and the Internet is furious.

Jarrid Tansey of Palace Pizza was paid $50 for a bill of just over $42. He left, assuming the rest was his tip as no one had spoken up otherwise.

But then he got another call asking him to return the extra cash, at which point the people at the dealership took all the money and started to harass him about it.

“Out the door before I put my foot in your ass,” said one woman.

They also tried to get the delivery guy fired by contacting his manager, who ultimately determined the dealership was the real problem, which they have had conflicts with in the past.

Eventually the owner of the dealership and his son went to the pizza place to say they were sorry.

But the apology was a day late and about 7 dollars too short, as the video had been leaked online and the Internet decided to get revenge on F&R Auto Sales in the most effective way possible: with some very interesting Yelp reviews.

This Dude is Willing to Spend $35k Buying Amiibos He Hates Just So You Can't Have Them

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UPDATE: Daily Dose aka mariotehplumber has issued an "apology" and retirement video stating the whole thing was an act, and he's quitting this persona. Take it as you will. Original post is below:

In an interview with Nintendo Nuggets, extreme troll and Bitter Betty "Daily Dose" reveals he's already pre-ordered 100 Rosalina Amiibo figurines because he hates her, and he doesn't want you to feel any joy.  No, really:

[It's] a vengeance against the people who ridiculed me, insulted me, and are fans of stuff I hate. I do not appreciate Rosalina appearing in almost every recent Mario game to date this is pissing me off. Lets see… Mk8, Mario golf on 3ds as Dlc, 3dworld as a secret character, Smash bros 4, and more recently Mario Party 10. The fact Nintendo promotes her so much and people praise her is just disgusting. I hate her fans too I know for a fact her amiibo will be among one of the most popular which is why I took the time to wait and preorder over 100 of her. I do not want her fans to be happy I hate Rosalina as a character and I will enjoy selling her for big bucks.

He's already spent $4,000 buying up Amiibos, and has $35,000 budgeted towards his cause.  Daily Dose resells the figures at exorbitant prices, making sure you have to pay, literally and figuratively, for liking a character he hates.  In addition to the characters he's already collected, Daily Dose plans to take out his rage on other Amiibos when the time comes: "Lucina(loose in ya),Palutena(Pootytanga),Robin(Throbbin) and Zero suit samus(Zero suit Slunt)."  He says, "I really hate these characters and it just crushes me Nintendo from the good days went to this s**t for character designs."

Out of the Way, Human!

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GIF heed to my authority on this eve of the New Year.

WTF of the Day: Kid Goes on Rampage in Dollar Store

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It's like "Supermarket Sweep," but where you just run through the aisles knocking everything down, and no one wins.

This kid was caught on video casually tearing apart a dollar store, pushing over displays and tossing products to the floor.

Why? Maybe the "Evil Stick" told him to do it.