MEME MADNESS: Troll Face Origins

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Trollface's first comic depicted this nonsensical scenario. A cop, being nice? WTF? But then I tried to put on my coolface, and all of a sudden, I was home free. It works, everytime!

There's more to the story at Know Your Meme, but why not Facebook share Troll Face to get him into the Finals for Rage Faces?

MEME MADNESS: Rage Guy Origins

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Today we're doing originstuff. That's cool with you right?

Rage Guy arose from this comic someone drew, which contained a feel we all know - that splashback. Yoibers. It set the precedent of countless life experiences, with art anyone could create, all culminating in raw anger.

Find out more at Know Your Meme, but until then, share this on Facebook to have Rage Guy advance to the Rage Face Finals!

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