Photoshop Battle of The Day: A French Guy in His Underwear Attacked Journalists With a Shovel
Via: @afpfr
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Don't mess with the shovel man.

When protestors and journalists rallied on a farm in Audon, a township in southwest France, to stop alleged poaching of protected finches...things got crazy.

As protestors began to destroy bird traps, one angry resident attacked them with a shovel while wearing some pretty snazzy underwear.

And then he became a meme.

Photographer Gaizka Iroz captured the original image, and is a hero to us all.

Censorship of The Day: London Coffee Shop Forced to Replace Brilliant Yet "Offensive" Sign
Via: Mashable
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A coffee shop in London has been forced to remove a sign displaying the shop's name from outside its building.

But the shop's response was rather cheeky.

The coffee shop was rebranded more than a year ago from the more boring "Bermondsey Street Coffee."

Then the owners received this letter this month from the lawyers of the owners of the building.

Seeing as they had no real choice in the matter, they replaced the sign.

Here's the new sign.

Effective? Yes.

Just as funny? Nah.

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