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Kellyanne Conway, the woman who spends some of the time making up terrorist attacks and some of the time plugging the president's daughter's clothing line, is a woman of mystery. How did she learn to pivot so well? Who knows.

One thing we do know is that she keep a hilarious glamor shot of herself close at hand. 

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God, that's good stuff.

According to The AV Club, the shot comes from a 2009 "Pretty in Mink" calendar, a republican beauty calendar or something, in which Conway was featured as Miss January and can be found wearing “a navy sheared beaver jacket with fox trim and detachable hood.” I don't know. I want to die. 


"Who's a good little president?" 

He may be small, but his bite could still be worse than his bark yet. This is Tiny Trump, your pint-sized president who's goal is to eclipse Napolean's reputation as the tiny dictator. 

This one started out as a photoshop trend of scaling Trump down in his photos to make him tiny but somewhere along the line it evolved into photoshopping Trump into an actual baby. 

So enjoy this teeny, tiny, tyrant. 

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