MEME MADNESS: Business Cat's Board Meeting

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THIS IS IT! Business Cat's last stand! Better than a spider? Better than a man?

Kitten, Purr-ease! Share for victory!

MEME MADNESS: The Cleverest Advice Animal

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Land-ho, as they say in pirate stories! A Winner is CAT! Business Cat nibbled Philosoraptor's musings to death in an epic but ultimately gruesome tail of destruction. They both have tails. Not so different, cats and rapts.

Now onto Classics! Yo Dawg and LOLcats are first to fight!

MEME MADNESS: And Business Cat's Dinner

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By Unknown (Picture by: WhiskerKisses)
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What else can be said except someone is about to become CEO of WINCORP! Does Philosoraptor stand between Business Cat and victory, or will he be crushed in this cat eat dino world?

The post with the most shares wins! Only one day remains! Heave ho, team!

MEME MADNESS: Business Cat, Moving On Up

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Yes, yes, purrrrfect. Business Cat's plan is working swimmingly, except for the water part. Gross.

Will he beat out Paranoid Parrot to move onto the Advice Animals Finals? This might have to go into overtime. More Facebook shares means a shiny new Catillac! Choose your winner with PRIDE.

MEME MADNESS: Business Cat

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When life gives you LOLs, you gotta make it into a profitable business somehow. That's the motto of former LOLcat and current professional, Business Cat. The days of riding inviso-bikes are behind him - now he's trying to market them.

Can this sane, stable creature compare to the nut that is Insanity Wolf? Chaos may be against him, but order and strategy is a viable defense.

If you think Business Cat should move ahead to forge more deals, Facebook share this post more than Insanity Wolf's! You have one day! Go!