Feminist writer Scaachi got real tired of fighting with MRAs on Twitter, and decided to just quote lines from Good Will Hunting in response to one. Her sparring partner thinks he wins their "argument" because his "opponent can't face the question" but dude, you're continuing to fight with someone who doesn't want to talk to you. Who are we kidding, it's an internet fight; nobody wins.

Workplace warning: these are real movie quotes, so there's some unsafe language ahead.

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What Goes Around Comes Around of The Day: Someone is Tweeting Every Page of The Fat Jew's New Book
Via: @updog7
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Josh Ostrovsky, a.k.a. "The Fat Jew," likes to steal jokes.

But one mysterious Twitter account might get the last laugh.

People know Fat Jew from his extremely popular Instagram account where he posts memes and Twitter jokes that he most certainly didn't write himself.

It got him in a lot of trouble with the Internet in August when people started noticing his blatant theft.

Fat Jew's book Money Pizza Respect came out this week. And someone had a great idea. Why not tweet images of every single page?

What comes around goes around, right?

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