Shoplifter Escapes Through Ceiling at Walmart

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Walmart not only has falling prices, it’s also got strange men falling out of the ceiling.

A shoplifter was apprehended by security at a store in Mobile, Alabama last Wednesday after trying to walk away with a debit card, some shoes, a hat, a watch and some underwear.

They locked him up in the security office, but he mysteriously disappeared.

“He had climbed on a desk, jumped into the ceiling, then tried to escape,” said a witness named Brannan Lynn, who recorded the whole thing on his phone.

The suspect made his way to the entryway of the store where he then kicked he way through, dangling for a few minutes before hopping down to the ground.

He eventually ran into the parking lot and drove away in his car.

You can check out some more raw footage of the daring escape on LiveLeak.

We've Reached Peak 'Murica: Louisiana Man Arrested for Shoplifting at a Walmart, Fled Store on a SmartCart

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For when you need to make a quick getaway.

Daniel Gaspard, 45, left the store Saturday afternoon with a half gallon of vodka, an Adidas sun visor, a TV antenna, and “Mardi Gras cups,” police reported.

The sad part is that Gaspard actually made it out of the store with all of the stuff, and was only apprehended after a Walmart employee walking to work saw him in the parking lot of a local dollar store. The employee probably wouldn't have thought anything of it had the cart not had a big "Property of Walmart" sticker slapped on the front.

Gaspard was arrested shortly thereafter on felony theft charges and held on $4,000 bail.