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I Can Do This All Day

muffins the internets youtube - 6324170240
Via TomSka

The Greatest Race on the Internet

youtube web comics - 7960393984
Via Cutbu

Cantubebury Tales

funny youtube web comics - 7905537024
Via Imogen Quest

Some of The Crappiest Commenters on The Web

poop comments youtube sad but true funny - 7580726528
By Alejandro112

I Love Ketchup!

web comics cooking I Love Ketchup!
Via howireally

Hey, Remember That Humble Braggart From Those Annoying Youtube Ads?

Via Mouse Bear Comedy

What's Next?

facebook the internets youtube - 5519603456
By AppetiteForChildren

What If They've Seen It Already?

web comics youtube What If They've Seen It Already?
Via thedarkland

It's No Bull

comments robot the internets youtube - 6352630528
By Unknown

When I want to watch something scientific

wtf youtube science - 7394124800
By CrazyCoyote

The Eternal Race

buffering race youtube web comics - 8167163648

Self Education

youtube sad but true education web comics - 8301727232

An Epic Video

youtube dead comic - 7082600960
By chris (Via Safely Endangered)

5 Second Film

youtube - 6561699072
By Jazzure (Via 5 Second Films)

The Questions That Never End

Via Hyperallergic


celebutards facepalm jean-luc picard Star Trek the internets youtube - 4021828096
By XiphoS