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Don't Play With Scissors, Kids

Via Moob Comics

It's About to Get Worse

bad day xbox - 7046074624
Created by John-Vaddic

Buy All the Games!

call of duty video games xbox - 5047492864
Created by GamingHUD.com

Only a Real Mom Wouldn't Know That

best of week nintendo the internets video games xbox - 6150532864
Via Gato Gordito

Meanwhile Xbox One Fans Can't Make Up Their Minds

Aliens xbox idiots funny - 7649200128
Created by batvadr9001

You Don't Think About Other Girls?

best of week girlfriend single video games xbox - 5675929344
Created by Unknown

My Eyes Feel Fine

awesome dark me gusta Skyrim video games xbox - 5586465024
Via jessica-patricia.tumblr.com

And I Can See Everything You Are Doing

sad but true xbox funny xbox one - 7565128704
Created by PrincessWordplay

Or is it?

dr evil air quotes movies xbox austin powers - 6939402496
Created by Kross16