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Most Heroic Pickup Line Ever

From the Movies Magneto professor x x men - 5002109696
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Have Some Faith, Professor

From the Movies Magneto professor x x men - 4976798720
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They Work Like a Boss

Like a Boss Magneto magnets the internets x men - 5038809856
Created by Unknown


the internets x files Xmas x men - 5522576640
Created by Knot Even


From the Movies guns Magneto puns soldiers x men - 4081984000
Created by Unknown

Does That Kid Have Storm For a Mom?

kids weather x men funny rain web comics - 7844996352
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His Helmet, It's Just Too Bad

Magneto professor x x men web comics - 7936025088
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Rejected Mash-Ups

batman funny superheros x men web comics - 7905249024
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Even the Captain...Uh..Professor Thinks So!

movies x men funny - 7762462208
Created by Unknown

The Evolution Of Hugh Jackman's Upper Body

superheroes x men wolverine web comics - 8236176640
Created by ToolBee ( Via The Oatmeal )

Hey Bub, Check Me Out

animals wolverine wtf is this x men - 4708812288
See all captions Created by LinkvsLegolas
Funny comics of superheroes day jobs.

These Cute Comics Hilariously Imagine The Day Jobs Of Superheroes

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