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Birds Don't Follow The Signs

Via Awkbirds

Read Into It

puns words web comics - 8180431104
Via A Hamm a Day

The Philosophy That Built the Reich

words philosophy troll hitler - 6732803072
By The-Memes-of-Production

I Can Also Be 'Bad' At Communication

web comics words I Can Also Be 'Bad' At Communication
Via toonhole

The History of Bae

history words web comics - 8335101440
Via Pain Train Comic

I Guess Wurds R Two Hard 4 Channel Sixteen

grammar nazi words - 6547299072
By Unknown

Literal Translations of Normal German Words

Via Itchy Feet Comic

The English Language Causes Some Confusion

english words oh god - 7343492096
See all captions By Unknown

Read Into It

puns words web comics - 8180431360
Via A Hamm a Day

Guess That's What Happens When Someone Throws The Book at Them

books words old sayings - 7303783680
By Scottahemi

The Origin of Villains

words sick politics web comics - 8504269312
By Derp-a-derp (Via Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal)

Words Can Hurt

web comics words Words Can Hurt
Via blazersatdawn

Oh, K

internets Memes Okay the internets words - 6004573952
By MadoneStreet

The Weird World of Words

Via Pie Comic