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The Old Bait And Switch

NSA life hacks win web comics - 8327212032
Via 7BLR

Hit Squad

Via Pain Train Comic

Why We Love Kids Playing Sports

awesome balls kids sports the internets win - 5897712896
By cratchmaster

Back to The Christmas Future

christmas win web comics - 8408571648
By NeilRashbrook (Via Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal)

Resident Troll

troll video games win - 4824301568
By Unknown

Dew You Take This Man to Be Your Dewd?

Via Invisible Bread

Who's Drawing What?

drawing hand the internets win yo dawg - 5545590272
By Death49

Necessary To Read: Airport Hacks

Via Toggl

Be Sure to Please Your Child's Imaginary Friends

webcomic - Cartoon - A cup of hot dhocolate for you two? Aw, look! He's got imaginary friend ah. 2015 KASHn Ngrd He says thanks www.opipesscon
Via Optipess

Amy Poehler's Advice On Doing Things Before You're Ready

Amy Poehler win web comics - 8320289280
Via Zen Pencils

Secret Desire

Via Extra Fabulous Comics

The Trophy To Beat All Trophies

mindwarp marketing gifs win web comics - 8444782080
By anselmbe (Via Invisible Bread)

Hot Takes on Cold Press

Via Diesel Sweeties

Best Kaiju Dad

dads godzilla kaiju win web comics monster - 8544000000
By Luchabro (Via Iguana Mouth)

This Comic Explains Why Natural Selection is Irrefutable

Via Pie Comic

Jean-Luc Picard: The First American

best of week first history jean-luc picard Star Trek win - 5126289408
By Unknown
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