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As Long as That Doesn't Take Out the Flavor

bear grylls From the Movies iron man tony stark urine - 4775800064
Created by Unodinero

It Ruins the Flavor!

bear grylls eww the internets urine - 4751872512
See all captions Created by nenenmeister

Juice Chart for Bear

bear grylls urine - 4595367680
See all captions Created by Joy-Rider

Anywhere and Everywhere

bathroom number one pee the internets urine - 5764410112
Created by Unknown

Not That Little Boys Room

bathroom boys the internets urine - 6107831808
Created by Unknown

Urine is Just Like Skittles...

rainbow skittles urine - 4691422976
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Open for Business

bathroom bear grylls FAIL meme the internets urine - 5204642816
Created by jesse9008

Bear Loves His Disney

bear grylls disney the internets urine - 4988660480
Created by xnerdyxrealistx

Tell Me You're Joking

sonic the hedgehog urine - 6103474944
Created by Cubonator

I Think It's Called 'Dysuria'

From the Movies Inception leonardo dicaprio pee urine - 4973350144
Created by Unknown

An Article Just for Bear!

bear grylls urine - 4599165184
Created by Metal_Burst

"Memebase Saved My Life"

bear grylls meme TV urine - 4808994048
Created by PhinMcQ