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Hey You Can Repeat It Tonight Too

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The Truth Is Shell Shocking

Via poorlydrawnlines
Cute cat cartoon about how you really have no full control on any part of your life.

22 Hard Truths From Soft Cats

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The Truth Hurts Man

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By majic13 (Via dungeongrind.co.uk)

So That's Where The Water on Mars Came From

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The Pinnacle of Pokémon Logic Comics Right Here!

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This is Definitely How Days Should Be Organized

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How to Have The Best Valentine's Day Ever


Human Beings' Worst Enemies

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The Struggle Between Differentiating Hipsters and the Homeless Continues...

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Friendship Booster

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Every Year Memorial Day Traffic Be Like

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With Years Comes Wisdom, Like Knowing What You Really Need to Pack...

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The Amount of Willpower Required to Wait till the Movie Starts Is Absolute Insanity

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How I Found Out I Was Gay

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