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You Asked For It

trolling likes facebook crush - 6843548416
Created by Fabygrb

A True Master...

trolling weird - 4628594432
Created by wiceTroc1ty

Well, Mr Asman

fox news pedobear science trolling wtf - 4428148736
Created by Unknown

when you keep your friends close, but your enemies closer

video games trolling video game logic - 8771958016
Via justieno

You'll Be Doing Them a Favor

dogs the internets trolling - 6259697920
Created by moolta man

Gordon Ramsay Trolling

gordon ramsay trolling TV reality tv - 6725349120
Created by sanntti

Trump in the Afterlife Be Like...

Via lonniemillsap

Just, Stop

Via poorlydrawnlines

Just Look at Those Bad Boys

best of week Memes trolling TV - 6413874688
Created by TheyBeTrollin

A Bunch of Web Comics Artists Stole This Guy's April Fool's Day Idea, and It's the Best Thing You'll See Today

Via rockpapercynic

Can't Tell if Trolling or Stupid

best of week Harry Potter stupid the internets trolling twilight - 5226461696
Created by m.K-BOOM

If the Ideas Were Published Online, They Must Be Legit...

Via poorlydrawnlines


Darwin history trolling yahoo answers - 4347909120
See all captions Created by 3.14imp

Taking Out The Trash

trash trolling web comics - 8771002880
Via TheIsmComics

To the fornt page!

trolling misspelling web comics - 8805992960
Via maclunar

The Unrealistic Expectations of Corporate America

job trolling work politics web comics - 8768277504
Via BananabreadComics
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