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Well, Mr Asman

fox news pedobear science trolling wtf - 4428148736
Created by Unknown

How To Never Be Ignored

trolling logic web comics - 8767362560
Via thebinarylanguage

Web Comic Artists Always Seem to Find a Way in Winning Those Internet Arguments...

Via acomik

Grading on a Scale

school trolling web comics - 8152396544
Via Ego Bus

100% Chance of Humility

Via MrWeiner

Troll Love

trolling comics gamers video games web comics - 7753959424
Via Extra Fabulous Comics

Turn-Ip For What?

Via thepigeongazette

He Never Saw It Coming

rope trolling - 5940502016
Created by Jo-Zeeworm

Who Could Say No to a Magikarpet Ride?

Via pokemon_meme_for_life

Trump in the Afterlife Be Like...

Via lonniemillsap

Honestly, Just Waiting for the One Time They Actually Let That Last Line Slip...

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Take That!

trolling - 6972745216
Created by HOLDEN104

Florida Man's Gotta Be the Worst Superhero of All Time

Via mandatoryrollercoaster

Dick Move, Bro

Via thefrumps

To the fornt page!

trolling misspelling web comics - 8805992960
Via maclunar

Can't Tell if Trolling or Stupid

best of week Harry Potter stupid the internets trolling twilight - 5226461696
Created by m.K-BOOM
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