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Optimus Prime's Descent Into Depravity

Michael Bay sad but true transformers web comics - 8237822208
Via The New Yorker

Don't Underestimate, There's More Than Meets the Eye to That Blender Guy

Sad transformers web comics - 8753794304
Via CandyRocketComic

How Optimus Prime Was Born

best of week chuck norris optimus prime sex the internets transformers truck - 5416396288
Created by Butterfly552

Robots In Disguise

transformers gross Movie wikipedia - 6927282176
Created by Mintysinty


admiral ackbar From the Movies Michael Bay movies star wars transformers - 3616263680
See all captions Created by impliedorimlpode

Girlfriend Transforms Into a Better Girlfriend

From the Movies megan fox shia labeouf transformers - 4938448896
Created by ObywatelHD ( Via obywatelhd.pl )

Transformers Get Hungry Too

costume drive thru fast food the internets transformers - 6292199680
Created by Pepe710

More Than Meets The Eye

dad jokes puns transformers web comics - 8433795840
Via Dad Joke Comics

Optimus Primitive

transformers optimus prime web comics - 7932771328
Via Huge Cartoons


From the Movies obama reaction guys robots transformers - 3041036544
Created by EvilLlama

A Transformer That is More Than Meets The Eye

transformers glasses puns optimus prime web comics - 8360957952
Via The Argyle Sweater

This Is Maybe The Saddest But Truest Commentary About The New Transformers' Franchise

funny sad but true transformers web comics - 7903843584
Via The Obscure Gentlemen

Ok, At Least One of Those Is Bound to Be USeful

web comics future phones Ok, At Least One of Those Is Bound to Be USeful
Via theverynearfuture

Classic: Transform And Roll Out

transformers costume car drive thru - 6761530112
Created by PetePete

Nice Realization Regarding The Gender Binary

transformers gender issues web comics - 8377937920
Via Toonhole

I Don't Recall This Part

transformers Lord of the Rings - 7371257600
Created by Unknown
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