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He Only Wanted Her to Be Seven Days Old

best of week From the Movies movies pedobear the ring - 5932685824
By el.carl2

He was Zeus for a Reason

From the Movies i will kill you liam neeson taken the ring Zeus - 6510872576
By Codabah

David Lynch: Not for Children

david lynch From the Movies the ring - 4796701440
See all captions By TheSnake

Reframe: Checkmate, Philosoraptor

Reframe Movie philosoraptor the ring no Grumpy Cat mayan apocalypse - 6875176448
By Toban0

Yeah, I Know

yikes computers technology the ring funny - 7460296192
By lolnein (Via lolnein.com)


cartoons celebutard Death family guy justin bieber monster the ring - 3693438464
See all captions By eduardo94

Kitty, No!

best of week cat computer From the Movies kitty Movie the ring - 6422714880
Via NikNak

7 Days? Try 7 Seconds

7 days Death From the Movies Rebecca Black the ring - 5091187200
By miomega

Hello, This Is Sadako

7 days best of week meme Memes the internets the ring this is dog - 5733411328
By Unknown


7 days celebutards dead From the Movies terror the ring TV - 4116354560
See all captions By Unknown

Sorry to Bother You

chuck norris the internets the ring wrong number - 5760357376
By itroitnyah