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the dark knight

That "Half Smile"

handsome Movie the dark knight - 6681962752
By Unknown

The Darth Knight Borns

fusion batman the dark knight darth vader - 7089278976
By ugn2010

The Dark Flight

batman takes flight web comics fan art four panels showing batman doing an impressive land then jumping again in the air, alfred the butler carries cookies and milk on a tray and a final panel that reveals batman had been jumping on a trampoline
Via Optipess

What Really Happened...

yolo joker Movie the dark knight - 6737082112
By Chuggertron9000

Dr. Seuss's The Dark Knight

batman dr seuss Movie the dark knight - 6511664896
By The_Comedian


batman best of week joker Owl the dark knight - 5813124352
By deadmeat1492

He Is the Hero That Gotham Desserts

batman dessert food joker Movie the dark knight - 6527984384
By Unknown

Now Who's the Joker?

joker mirror Movie batman the dark knight - 6791505664
See all captions By Unknown

Self Employed Hero

batman TEH GODDAMN BATMAN the dark knight - 5729122560
By Unknown

The Bat Suit

Movie the dark knight - 6730512384
By kadigan

Do You Believe in a Thing Called Batman

do you believe in a thing TEH GODDAMN BATM TEH GODDAMN BATMAN the dark knight - 6466745600
By Unknown

I Failed You Bruce

alfred batman bruce wayne From the Movies me gusta the dark knight - 5586029056
By Unknown